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Why we are "Lawn Service Friendly"

One email to get your company logo designed and online presence started!

For those of you who are not comfortable choosing a domain name and selecting hosting packages, we try to make this as simple as possible!

If you need a company logo, domain name, and website, then the "Total package" is what you are looking for!

Only $39.95 per month includes logo design, domain registration, and web site creation and hosting!

Send an email to dan@lawnhost.com and tell me the name of your company and any specific details about the services you offer to your customers.








Since we are also lawn service operators, we are familiar with your industry.

Many lawn service owner/operators are simply too busy to take the time to develop a web site. They are also missing out on some good marketing opportunities by not having a web site.

Having a company web site and email address lends a lot of credibility to your company. Customers won't see you as "fly by night" if you have taken the time to establish a web site and email address.

We offer custom installations and design. Each site we create is unique and not a "canned" CMS type site. If you have us create your logo, it will be unique, hand crafted, and you will never have to worry about copyright issues.

Some of the other "lawn service friendly" offerings we have

Total site design and hosting for only $29.95/month! Includes logo design and word format letterhead

Some of the other "lawn service friendly" items we offer:

  • Complete site design and hosting for only $29.95/month or $259.00/year. Since we are lawn service operators as well, we want to help out our fellow lawn service owners/opertors with this unique financing. Includes logo design, word format letterhead, site design, business hosting package, everything needed to have your custom site created and online.

If you don't like filling out forms for this package, you can send me an email at dan@lawnhost.com.

I will personally work with you to choose a domain name and theme for your site. If you want to order the complete site set up, start with choosing a domain and

  • Custom picture portfolio customized with your logo. Upload pictures with smart phone app right from a job site and post them instantly! Included with Business Hosting and Complete Site Set Up Packages.

  • Custom installations of mailing list with your design elements to add a professional touch. Make email communication with your customers easy. This option is available during the check out process.
  • Custom installations of PHPBB with your design elements to add a professional touch. This option is available during the check out process.


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